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Topic # 235 - Show us where you live.

Chicago, Illinois.

Er, beyond that, describing where I live will have to suffice, I’m afraid. I’m not prepared to deal with the possibility of another fire... or something worse.

I live in an apartment with my husband, a deaf half-wolf, a turtle, a pair of seahorses and a few of the offspring from one of them. And a ghost, but that's only some of the time, really, and he's gotten considerably better at not popping in unannounced. The other things, though, are more or less permanent.

There’s a kitchen, a living room, bathroom, bedroom, closets. Chili pepper lights... There were cow plates, too, they probably still exist somewhere within the apartment, I just haven’t attempted to hunt them down, but they’ve since been replaced. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to eat a hamburger while it’s sitting on a plate that looks like a cow?

Extremely difficult.

The apartment is not too big (although, I did live in an office before Ray asked me to move in with him, so it is quite a bit larger than that), nor is it too small. It's more than good enough for us.
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