Benton Fraser (fraser_rcmp) wrote,
Benton Fraser

#242 - Write about a time that you were the bearer of bad news.

Taking into consideration what I do for a living, I’ve had to be the bearer of what I’m sure most would agree is the worst possible news that a person could receive. It’s happened more times than I really care to recall, and it hasn’t gotten any easier over the years; I don’t foresee that particular aspect of it ever changing any.

It shouldn’t get easier.

Not the drive to the residence while you attempt to figure out just how to word something like that properly, not knocking on the door, waiting for someone to answer, or the look on the face of the person(s) the news is delivered to when you tell them that their son or daughter, husband or wife, won’t be coming home that evening, no matter how long they wait.

I can’t really write about just one time or just one case or just one life gone. I can say that I don’t ever want to have to break the news to the family and friends of any of the officers I work with. And I sure as hell don’t want to be on the receiving end. Not again.
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