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And baby makes three [For ray__k]

Fraser probably could have counted the total number of hours he’d slept in the past few days all on one hand, but he really isn’t feeling it too much. Or at all. He has about a million things on his mind, all of which can be linked back to just one thing, and it definitely wasn’t sleep. It’s been hectic, with more time spent at the hospital than outside of it, a bit more last minute paperwork and a lot of worrying back and forth between him and Ray that they’d forgotten something or other, even though they had gone over everything about a hundred times, forward and back. It was all just nerves, though, most of which melted away once they had been given the okay and they could finally go home with their tiny new addition.


She was beautiful and healthy and she was theirs. She had her mother’s bright, blue eyes, and the second Fraser stared down into them, not long after she had been born, he was completely taken; he never even stood a chance. Ray didn’t fare any better, and watching him as he held her for the first time had been one of the single most amazing sights Fraser had ever seen. And, now, they got to take her home.

The drive to the apartment was mostly quiet, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence at all, just the silence of a long couple of days, some lingering shock and an all around feeling of contentment. Fraser’s hand didn’t leave Ray’s knee very often, and his eyes were practically glued to the car seat reflected in the rear view mirror.

When they pull up to the building, Fraser lets Ray see to getting Robin out, grabbing the baby bag and locking the car after him. He holds the front and elevator doors as needed, fishing his keys out once they’re on their floor and unlocking the door, swinging it open. He smiles at Ray and steps to the side, gesturing for him to head in.

It was surreal; they’d left the apartment one way and had returned another, as a family. And maybe it wasn’t typical, as far as families went, but what it was, was his.
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