Benton Fraser (fraser_rcmp) wrote,
Benton Fraser

Topic # 248 - Would you make a good spy? Why or why not?

Perhaps, if the individuals that I happened to be responsible for retrieving any specific information from/about weren’t terribly observant and I wasn’t expect to actually speak at any point. As long as those were the specific conditions I was working under, then, yes, I might.

Under all other circumstances imaginable? No, probably not. I’m barely suited for undercover work, otherwise.

Maintaining the guise of a used car salesman for a matter of a few days seemed to pose quite a bit of difficulty (maybe more than a bit if you were to ask Ray), and that was a lot less high-risk than the sort of thing that I would imagine any serious espionage would be required for.

I’m not a very good liar when the stakes are relatively low, never mind when they're through the roof, hence being expected to speak potentially giving way to effectively shattering the illusion and therefore ruining any ruse meant to be maintained altogether.

In short, it’s probably for the best if I’m never approached to do any such thing.
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